Dr. Murtuza Rangwala



With the onset of the winters, there would be increase in the number of marathons taking place in and around Mumbai. Many would be seasoned marathon runners and for others it would be the first one. I would like to share some tips for marathon running.

1] Prepare & Practice: If you are leading an inactive or sedentary lifestyle start slow. Walk for 30 minutes initially and gradually increase your distance by 10% weekly. You should run 3 to 4 days a week.

2] Keep a training record: Note down the timings, distance covered.

3] Proper shoes are very essential for running. If you have flat feet or over pronated feet, get yourself assessed and get proper orthotics (insoles) done. Avoid wearing old or worn out shoes.

4] Warm up & cool down:  Most of us start running fast and abruptly stop, which could lead to injuries. Warm up: walk slowly, do some stretches, and then pick up your speed. Cool down: At end of your running decrease your speed and walk slowly and end it with few stretches.

5] Strength Training: One of the most important and neglected area of marathon training. Only practicing of running will not help. You need to undertake strength training especially strengthen your core and hip abductor muscles.

6] Cross training: If possible include swimming, cycling, rowing, aqua aerobics, yoga and Pilates in your training schedule.

7] Hydration: Drink sufficient amount of water during training.

8] Musculoskeletal conditions:  You may be a seasoned or a novice marathon runner but you could land with the following injuries.

  •         ITB( Iliotibial band syndrome)-
  •         Shin Splints
  •         Planter Fasciatis
  •         Low Back Pain
  •         Ankle Sprain

If you experience any of these injuries please get it treated early before it could derail your marathon running.